Airbus will begin to transport passengers in cargo compartments (6 photos + video)

After 2 years, the concern Airbus is going tomount passenger modules in cargo compartments of wide-bodied aircraft. The development is based on bots modules, which are now intended for crew members to rest during long flights.

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For the first time, passenger modules will be installed inA330 aircraft. Over time, they should appear in models A350. Modules for baggage compartments are developed since last year together with the French company Safran. Innovation, according to Airbus, will contribute to the expansion of the range of services provided to passengers. In the new modules you can place a playroom for children, meeting rooms, a gym, a bar or a sleeping area.

The width of the module is 4 meters, and the length is 2.4 meters. It will be possible to place up to 4 similar modules in 1 luggage compartment without damage to the cargo space. They will be installed during the initial assembly, as well as during the modification.