Fingerprint scanner Samsung Galaxy S10 managed to fool (video)

Smartphone users are especially anxiousrelate to the security of their gadgets, and manufacturers with each new model introduce new innovative technologies to protect the personal data of mobile device owners. In the top-end smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10 to identify the fingerprint of the owners used ultrasound scanners installed under the surface of the screen. The developers assure that this technology is more reliable and safe than the usual optical sensors. However, there was an enthusiast who managed to bypass the protection of ultrasonic sensors.

The technology of deception is quite complicated and time consuming,but nevertheless it is feasible. The experimenter posted the process on video on the Internet. First, he photographed his fingerprints on a clear glass of a glass using a DSLR camera. The picture was edited using Photoshop and 3DS Max. The next step was to print a photo on a 3D printer. The smartphone has been unlocked since the third attempt.