Column-fumigator-alarm clock-thermostat: a miracle for tracking sleep

Did you know that the quality of life is directly related to the quality of sleep? Okay, sure you knew. As engineers know this, including Apple specialists who have added a sleep tracking function to the watch.

However, we think there are morebest options for tracking the quality (and quantity) of sleep. In particular, the SleepHoHo robot appeared on Kickstarter, which works both as an alarm clock and as a “guardian” of the sleep cycle.

Another advantage of the robot is that independing on the stage of sleep, it can change the environment around the user so that sleep is more productive. That is, while you sleep, the robot can change the temperature, repel mosquitoes (without a fumigator!) and many other changes.

Among other things, the robot has a built-in 3D HiFi Bluetooth speaker that can transmit sound. That is, if you are used to falling asleep under ASMR, this robot can be a great option.

The device itself is controlled via mobileAppendix. As for the appearance - then everything is somewhat more complicated. The robot looks more like a cheap alarm clock. And it's not entirely clear how it will track the sleep cycle of two people if they live in the same room.

However, the device bribed us by repelling mosquitoes. So if the column-fumigator-alarm clock-thermostat is relevant to you, feel free to take it.