Accelerometer smartphone will tell all about the user's habits (4 photos)

Nowadays, smartphones collect a lot of data abouttheir masters. And not only journals of his movements or lists of contacts. So, the engineers of the Royal Melbourne University of Technology found that, according to the accelerometer of the phone, you can set the main traits of its owner.

This item records and stores data.about all the movements of the gadget. After analyzing them, you can find out the distance traveled by a person on a daily basis, the speed of movement, the frequency and time of checking notifications. And these parameters are directly related to the main characteristics of the individual.

So, the patterns of activity of a sociable personrandom, home to find it difficult. Sensitive ladies often watch notices, and equally impressionable men, on the contrary, are rare. Curious and inventive people spend the least time on their smartphone.

All this could be used to giverecommendations on everything from dating sites to social networks. Such analytics will increase the effectiveness of targeted advertising. True, the research sample is still too small - only 52 people. The authors plan to further analyze a larger scale.