Named the cause of the breakdown of the folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold (9 photos)

Previously tested by journalistsrevealed the main drawback of the emerging smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold - the rapid failure of flexible screens. Engineers iFixit completely disassembled the smartphone and analyzed the structural features of the device and the degree of its suitability for repair. Along the way, the most likely cause of the problem with the internal flexible display was identified.

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According to experts, Samsung developerscreated a particularly durable hinge, providing multiple folding screen. However, the designers could not create an effective protection against the ingress of foreign objects (dust or debris) inside the mechanism. The OLED screen, not protected by a special coating (traditionally Samsung has Gorilla Glass), is quite fragile, which is one of the reasons for the breakdown.

After short-term operation in threetested smartphones above the hinge on the surface of the screen formed swelling. In addition, the design and appearance of the protective layer of the display resembled a standard protective film, which users immediately tried to remove and thus simply damaged the screen.

During a complete disassembly, iFixit engineers found outthat the hinge is almost an ideal mechanism with high strength and an original design that allows the screen to open simultaneously, proportionally distributing the opening force. The hinge completely prevents the possibility of damage to the display due to bending or twisting. But at the same time, in the area of ​​the hinge location there are several openings through which dirt or dust get inside the folding flagship. The absence of elementary flexible guides in these places does not protect against dust penetration, which causes a rapid breakdown of the screen. Maintainability Samsung Galaxy Fold iFixit experts rated at 2 points out of 10.