Mythbuster created a working gun replica from Fifth Element (video)

Inventor Adam Savage used to broadcast"Destroyers of Legends." Now he continues to delight fans of the creation of original devices in the project “Savage Building”, and in the next release of the program an enthusiast showed a working replica of the legendary cannon from the film by Luc Besson “The Fifth Element”.

First the inventor and his team collected a copy.Zorg Industries ZF-1 from Luke Besson's movie In the original, it was able to launch rockets, shoot with a net, freeze or set fire to opponents with a flame gun. As it turned out, the implementation of all this functionality in a compact package, as in the film, is incredibly complex. So it was decided to create a new version - Zorg Industries ZF-2.

Its size is much more impressive than the parameters.the original. Weight is 20 kilograms. But in the end, the weapon is capable of the same as the original of the Fifth Element. There is even a freezing beam that runs on liquid CO2. The authors could not only reproduce the self-guided bullets. But they supplemented the sample with a system that tracks the target and guides the turret at the enemy. There is a red button, as in the film.