Bending smartphones on the MWC 2019 introduced and TCL (13 photos)

Mobile gadgets with flexible screens in recentdays presented several manufacturers. Pictures of smart phones with flexible displays from TCL were also published. She brought several models to the exhibition with different form factors and common features.

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Each display is folded inside the case. All are equipped with multiple cameras, and also have a special hinge design called DragonHinge. The design, however, is not perfect yet - the gaps in the fold areas are large.

The main bendable display of one of the modelsplaced on the inside, on the outside there is a compact additional display. As needed, the gadget turns into a smartphone, then into a tablet. The diagonal of the AMOLED screen is 7.2 inches, the resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels. They occupy 90% of the front panel space, covering more than 100% of the NTSC color space. On the outer part, to the left in the corner, there is a main quad cam with a vertical modular layout.

The second device has only 1 bendable screen,on the outer part is a triple chamber. When folded, it looks like a cot. But in the fold area there is a big hole. The interface should be optimized taking into account the design features of the model.