Xiaomi vacuum cleaner plays music from Spotify service (video)

Modern home helpers are saturatedelectronics, which allows you to use them not quite for their intended purpose. An Australian enthusiast has managed to launch one of the most common music services Spotify from his Xiaomi vacuum cleaner.

The launch was carried out usingRaspotify, the open source client for running Spotify Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi. The craftsman used the speakers of the first-generation Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner. The goal was achieved, but the sound quality was low, since Xiaomi continued to perform the main function while playing music.

You can run Spotify through a vacuum cleaner withusing access to the vacuum cleaner through a secure SSH protocol. You must install Curl and Raspotify, then create a .config file in Raspbian to run the Librespot application. More details on the process of teaching a vacuum cleaner music can be found on the enthusiast's website.