Apple Garta Stereoscopic Augmented Reality Headset

Indirect information appeared for a long time.about the active work of the Apple team on the development of revolutionary augmented reality glasses. Every year, during a traditional Apple presentation, enthusiasts expect a device that can change the world. However, this does not happen.

At Apple itself, they show considerableinterest in technology technologies of augmented and virtual reality, as evidenced by numerous patents. Recently there was information about the real testing of augmented reality glasses.
IOS app developer reveals GM OS versionsiOS 13 README file with a description of the StarBoard system shell working with augmented reality. The first mention of a Garta device was found in a file.

The detected file indicates testingGarta devices and contains recommendations for developers wishing to test AR-applications in stereo mode. This indirectly decrypts the technical characteristics of Garta, in particular, indicates that it is a stereoscopic AR-headset that makes corrections to the work taking into account the distance between the pupils of the user. This confirms Apple’s intentions to bring augmented reality devices to a qualitatively more high-tech level.

Enthusiasts also revealed information about working on creating a controller for applications working with an AR headset.

Source: theverge