Qualcomm is developing a handheld game console similar to the Nintendo Switch

According to the information received by the journalists of the publicationAndroid Police, Qualcomm plans to independently enter the consumer electronics market for the first time in recent years with a device similar to the highly popular Nintendo Switch handheld game console. The novelty will run on Android 12 using proprietary Snapdragon processors.

The journalists said they were able to get acquainted witha prototype of a new gadget, but cannot provide an image of the device. However, they say the new product will be similar in form factor to the Nintendo Switch and will have removable joycon-style controllers to the left and right of the main console.

The body of the console will resemble a smartphone, butwill get increased thickness due to the use of a larger battery and the need to ensure efficient heat dissipation. The battery, presumably with a capacity of 6,000 mAh, will support Quick Charge technology. Like Nintendo's Switch, Qualcomm's laptop will support the ability to display images for playback on an external TV or monitor.

Qualcomm console will runAndroid 12 with support for Google Play apps and services. Qualcomm also plans to support the upcoming Epic Games Store app. The new product is planned to install the Snapdragon X55 modem, accelerometer, dual-zone tactile sensors, as well as the implementation of GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

The release of a set-top box from Qualcomm is scheduled for the firstquarter of 2022, which gives hope for the use of new next generation Snapdragon processors. The estimated price of the console is $ 300. Qualcomm representatives refuse to comment on the news, complying with the company's policy - not to respond to rumors and insiders.

Source: androidpolice