White sharks can withstand a lot - even the content of heavy metals in the blood

According to a study by the University of Miami,The blood of sharks from the coast of South Africa contains a large amount of heavy metals. It was assumed that mercury in the blood and arsenic would certainly affect the health of marine predators, but no negative effects were found. In addition to detecting the resistance of sharks to heavy metals, the researchers also found that the analysis of their blood can determine the condition of the purity of the marine ecosystem in the regions where they live.

Blood samples used in the studywere taken from sharks caught off the coast of South Africa in 2012. The heavy predators raised on the platform were taken free after analysis. In a new study, scientists conducted a scan for 12 trace elements and 14 heavy metals, and eventually found a large amount of mercury and arsenic. It is noteworthy that the concentration was not influenced by either the sex, the size or the health of the individuals.

Heavy metals that are dangerous to others.marine life proved harmless to sharks. Scientists suggest that they have a physiological mechanism that mitigates their harmful effects. Metals could get into the blood of predators only one way, after eating and digesting smaller fish.

That is why scientists believe that by analysisThe blood of sharks can determine the purity of the deep sea in different regions. If it contains harmful substances, it means that small fish are simply oversaturated with them, and water urgently needs cleaning.

The great white shark is considered one of the mostlarge predators of the deep sea - they can grow up to 6 meters in length. With such a large size and the presence of two rows of sharp teeth, scientists believe that they are not particularly dangerous for people: statistics showed that in 2018 only 130 cases of human interaction with a shark were recorded.

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