An enthusiast assembled an iMac based on an ARM processor on his own (video)

What tricks do bloggers use toYouTube to attract views of their channels. So the author of the channel Luke Miani, according to his statement, “tired of waiting for the new 2021 iMacs with Apple Silicon processors”, decided to independently assemble an Apple Silicon iMac based on the M1 processor. As a result, using an old iMac, a set of screwdrivers and a new Mac mini, the enthusiast released a full-fledged iMac with an ARM processor.

An iMac release was used for the experiment2011, which cost the blogger $ 400. Using the iMac disassembly guide, Miani examined the computer's motherboard and identified the possibility of turning the all-in-one display into a full-fledged monitor with HDMI input.

The next step from the new Mac mini wasdismantled the motherboard with the M1 processor. Then it was integrated into the iMac all-in-one. However, when the computer was started up, serious problems were revealed: the wireless mouse and keyboard were not connected correctly, and the data transfer rate via Wi-Fi was extremely low.

After examining the problems, it was revealed thatThe slowdown in Wi-Fi was caused by the Mac mini motherboard not being connected to one of the three antennas removed as a result of the removal. The solution was found by connecting a third antenna to the iMac antenna plate built into the candy bar. Another problem with the ARM-based iMac is the lack of connectors for connecting external devices, since the motherboard was inside the iMac case.

It is currently known that Apple will release a 24-inch iMac with an M-series processor by the end of 2021.