Branson and Gates are ready to feed people with test tube meat (3 photos)

Meat grown from animal cells is alreadynot surprising. It has long been known and technology changes in DNA by editing the genome CRISPR. Scientists now want to combine these developments to make them even more effective and useful to society. So, two startups have already started experimenting on the release of the next generation of laboratory meat using CRISPR. It also became known that there are 2 patents from Memphis Meats. Her research in this field is supported by well-known billionaires - Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

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Scientists believe that the artificialmeat with a modified genome will be of high quality. This technology is also supported by the absence of the need for “germinal bovine serum” in order to grow it in laboratory factories. As the bio-engineers from Memphis Meats believe, this approach can lead to a revision of the attitude towards meat and meat products by the most fanatical animal advocates. So, according to the company, its employees have already managed to recreate the “real” chicken and beef cloth.

Scientists view CRISPR as one of the leadingtechnologies that will feed people in the context of global climate change. Thanks to gene editing, it will be possible to derive new breeds of animals and plant varieties. They will be less susceptible to droughts and pests.