Vivo NEX 3 design unveiled

Vivo NEX 3 is shown in the figure - it does not look veryofficial, but the image was obtained from a completely reliable source. The picture was published on Weibo by the Vivo product manager - so you can believe it.

Judging by this image, the Vivo NEX 3 will receivea waterfall-type screen curved to the side faces recently shown by OPPO. Given the relationship between OPPO and Vivo, this borrowing of the idea of ​​“Waterfall screen” is unlikely to qualify as malicious. Rather, they shared it.

You can also note the round, inspired by the look of the classic dial watch wristbands on the back. Three cameras were drawn - perhaps this will not be limited to this.

The fingerprint scanner will obviously be built into the screen.


Tatyana Kobelskaya