The most powerful 100W HyperJuice charger for recharging 4 gadgets (5 photos + 2 videos)

Number of wearable devices requiringperiodic recharging increases exponentially. Each gadget requires its own charger, which creates certain inconveniences and produces a number of wires. The new innovative HyperJuice charger, whose power is 100 watts, will solve the problem of mass charging of mobile devices, allowing you to recharge four gadgets at once from a laptop to wireless headphones.

The basis of the technology used in HyperJuicegallium nitride (GaN) was taken, which made the device compact, with dimensions not exceeding the size of a credit card. Traditional chargers of similar capacity are nearly 50% larger than HyperJuice.

The charger has 4 USB ports: two USB-Cs that support Power Delivery 3.0 and two 2 USB-As that support Quick Charge 3.0. All connectors can be used simultaneously. So users get fast charging for MacBook Pro, iPad Pro tablet, iPhone smartphone and AirPods, Watch accessories.

The charger uses a voltage of 100-240 V and has a plug that meets UK / EU / AU standards, allowing you to work almost around the world.

HyperJuice device presented on the platformindiegogo and has already raised over 3,140,000 US dollars from 38,400 sponsors. Since February 2020, the company sends the device at a price of $ 69 with a 30 percent discount.

Source: Indiegogo