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Do you remember the game Portal that was releasedValve in 2007 and won the love of millions of players around the world? It doesn’t matter whether you know about this game or not - the main thing is that a group of engineers from the USA was able to create a working copy of the machine gun, which during the game independently directs itself at the player and shoots him, making it difficult to complete the levels. The result was a rather dangerous contraption that quickly aimed the sight at moving objects and shoots them at a speed of two rubber bullets per second. The shells fly at a target at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour, so it’s probably painful to get such balls through the body.

Externally, the machine gun is a semblancean elongated egg with three legs - everything is just like in a game. In the middle of the case there is a red “eye” that observes the space in front of the machine gun and directs the laser sight at moving objects. The developers acknowledge that the design turned out to be rather cumbersome, so they did not hide that its legs are firmly welded to a heavy platform. Thus, a real copy of the machine gun turned out to be much more stable than in the game - it is extremely difficult to overturn it.

Machine gun with automatic sight

In general, the design of the machine gun can be divided intofive main parts. These include a heavy platform at the base, “wings” that extend in different directions, cannons beneath them, a sight and internal electronics. When the machine gun detects a target, it pushes its body apart and exposes the guns. The sight constantly monitors the target and indicates the guns in which direction to shoot.

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Small devices are responsible for the operation of the device.Arduino mega 2560 and Raspberry pi 3+ computers. The first is responsible for the movements of the machine gun and various effects - for example, it is he who directs the guns at moving targets and turns on the laser sight. The Raspberry pi 3+ is entrusted with a more difficult task, because it is he who decides which direction the guns should be directed to.

Inside the machine gun a lot of electronics. At the very top is a Raspberry pi 3+ computer

What can be printed on a 3D printer?

The body of the machine gun was assembled from parts,printed on a 3D printer - agree, it turned out very nice. The developers did not become greedy and published 3D schemes for printing all the necessary elements. If you want to assemble such a toy at home, in addition to straight arms, you will also need programming knowledge - it took six months to develop the machine gun. Yes, there is already a setup guide, but you need to be able to use it.

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That's what happens inside the machine gun

The developers believe that the guidance systemthe sight could have been better. They hope that in the future, someone will work to improve it. It is noteworthy that the machine gun was created back in 2017 and shown at the hacker exhibition Still Hacking Anyway. Then it was quite primitive, so the developers decided to equip it with computer vision. We believe that they did great, and you can share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

Such a machine gun is not capable of killing anyone. And from bullets of this weapon armor from metal foam will save

As you can see, fans of computer games are stillDo not lose interest in Portal. But there are quite a lot of projects dedicated to this puzzle. For example, in 2017, a fan of the cult game created an application for the augmented reality helmet Microsoft HoloLens, which allows you to create portals in the real world. It turned out something amazing - it must be seen.

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