US resident implants Tesla car key under her skin

Tesla car owners are very unusualkeys - they open the doors and start the car using a smartphone or key fob. In cases when the phone is discharged and the key fob is forgotten at home, you can attach a special card to the car with a built-in chip giving a command to open the doors. But what if this card is also not at hand? The owner of the Tesla Model 3 car, named Amy Dee Dee, decided to play it safe from such an unpleasant situation and implanted a chip for opening doors under the skin of her wrist. And what’s convenient - now she can start the car with one wave of her hand.

In general, the girl has been working as an engineer for a long timeInterested in biohacking. This term refers to many different phenomena, but all of them are aimed at improving the physical and mental abilities of a person. While some bio-hackers are trying to improve their mind with various medications, Amy Dee is perfecting her body by incorporating electronics under her skin.

How to start a Tesla car without a key?

The first experiment on her body is a girlspent a few years ago when she implanted a chip in her hand to open the door of her apartment. Also, the girl can bring her hand to the smartphone so that he automatically opens her site. The electronics lover wanted to equip the implanted chip with a third function - the ability to open the doors of the Tesla Model 3. However, she could not add innovation to the existing device, so she had to hide another chip under her skin.

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He was taken straight from her card forunlock the car Tesla Model 3. To get the chip out of plastic, she immersed the card in a container with acetone - after the decomposition process, only the microcircuit remained in the solution. So that she would not be hurt, the girl covered her with a material safe for the human body and hurried to the salon to modify the body.

By the way, they can put in jail for biohacking

How does biohacking work?

The master made a hole in the skin and carefullyput in her hand a chip the size of a small part of the Lego constructor. This must be an extremely painful and unpleasant process, but the girl clearly tried not to give a look about the pain. She admitted that after the introduction of a foreign object under the skin, edema formed on her arm. The heroine of the video has not yet shown exactly how she opens the door of the car, but assured that the sensor is triggered at a distance of 2.5 centimeters. Perhaps, after reducing edema, the radius of action of the device will expand.

Caution: there are unpleasant moments with blood on the video!

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A similar experiment with your body beforedoing an Australian man named Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow (this is not a joke). He cut a chip from his ticket and also placed it under his skin. He did not have any particular health problems, but problems arose with the law. The fact is that in Australia, deformed and even more so cut travel cards are considered invalid. Thus, he did not succeed in paying for the fare with his hand, and he was fined $ 200.

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