5 monitors you can buy right now

The eve of the New Year (as is well known, since the jubilee year 7000 from the creation of the world, the New Year has been celebrated

in Russia since September 1) is a great reason to upgrade your work or home monitor, since there are options on the market now, and the prices are interesting.

If you say that you are used to working on a laptop, then still allow me to recommend a large monitor. There is no need to be afraid of the size of the monitor - the larger the monitor, the more convenient it will be to work behind it.

There are many window managers on the market that will help you sort open windows intelligently. In Windows 11, by the way, the window manager is now a standard feature.

I can recommend the app to everyone else.Divvy. Available for both Windows and macOS. By the way, Divvy seems to be the first program I paid money for. I remember how I bought my first MacBook Pro and decided that it was time to pay for software and be a cultured person. The essence of the application is that the entire screen is divided into a grid of blocks and the user, by selecting blocks, forms the size of the active window himself (there are also all sorts of hot keys for assigned locations). So to anyone who has a large monitor, I advise you to get acquainted with the application.

Now let's talk about monitors!

Table of Contents

  • 34″ Monitor Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming
  • HP V28 Monitor
  • DIGMA DM-MONB2401 23.4"
  • e-ink monitors
  • HUAWEI MateView GT Standard Edition 34" Monitor
  • Conclusion

34″ Monitor Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming

At the end of August 2020, a beautiful curved gaming monitor from Xiaomi came to me for testing.

Large 34" curved monitor withI really liked the screen refresh rate of 144 Hz then. Brightness measurements showed 335 nits. The monitor also has FreeSync support so that there are no “tears” in games.

A positive feature of the monitor is the lack of flicker. It turns out that there is even a special term for this: Flicker-Free.


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The monitor is ideal for both gaming and office work. The hinge allows you to bend the screen as you like. Plus, it was possible to adjust the monitor in height, lowering it almost to the level of the table.


  • Resolution: 3440 by 1440 dots
  • Matrix type:VA
  • Screen curvature: 1500K
  • Aspect Ratio: 21 by 9
  • Update frequency: 144Hz
  • Response: 4ms
  • Color gamut: 121% sRGB
  • Colors: 8 bit
  • Contrast: 3000 to 1
  • Brightness: stated 300 nits, in fact 335 nits
  • Modes: split screen, picture in picture
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0 x 2, DP 1.4 port x 2, AUX port x 1
  • bracket: wall mounting, includes a leg that is adjustable in height and tilt
  • Official guarantee: 3 years
  • Price at the start of sales: 34 990 rubles
  • Price now: 27 500 rubles

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The main facts that everyone who wants to buy a huge curved monitor from Xiaomi should know

HP V28 Monitor

Find a good 4K monitor for 20 thousand rubles -the task is difficult, but doable. Let me introduce you HP V28. This is a 28-inch monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The "feature" of the monitor in its positioning is a gaming monitor with a response time of 1 ms. The price of a monitor is 20,800 rubles at Eldorado. And, apparently, there are few monitors left.

However, with this monitor, everything is not so simple, otherwiseit would not fit the category of "cheap and cheerful." People complain that they put cheap HDMI cables in the kit, which only support 2K resolution. Accordingly, in addition to the monitor, you will have to fork out either for a good HDMI or for a DP cable.

The second minus of the monitor - frankly, itscary. Its appearance seems to scream that this is the cheapest 4K monitor. Thick cheap plastic, bold frames. On the other hand, here, as they say, do you go or checkers?

DIGMA DM-MONB2401 23.4"

This monitor was included in the selection only thanks toits crazy cheapness. So, the monitor costs 9,999 rubles, but Yandex is holding a promotion on August 24-26, and 1,100 monitors will be offered for 7,000 rubles. And that's a really good price for a home monitor.

You shouldn't expect much from Digma.The brightness here is standard 250 nits, so, despite the matte surface, the monitor will go blind in direct sunlight. On the other hand, the monitor has a nice design. And the picture quality is tolerable. I recommend watching a couple of reviews on YouTube to understand the quality of the picture.

e-ink monitors

Those who work a lot with text should think about a monitor with an e-ink screen. In Russia, only two monitors are now available for purchase at more or less adequate prices.

The first one is ONYX BOOX Mira. This is a small 13.3-inch monitor with a resolution of 2200 by 1650 pixels. It is obvious from the size that this device is intended as a second monitor that the owner will use for auxiliary purposes. For example, read documents or mail from it.

It's not entirely clear from the picture, but the monitor, in fact, is a large e-ink tablet on a stand. The screen, by the way, touch.

In general, the monitor can even be used forwriting texts, as it has a good response time. Along the way, keep in mind that the monitor will not be constantly updated, so traces of previous windows may remain on the screen from time to time.

There are e-ink monitors of some space money. So, for ONYX BOOX Mira they ask for 80 thousand rubles.


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Considering the price, I suggest you take a chance andgo to AliExpress. There for 69 thousand you can find Dasung Paperlike HD-F. This is also an e-ink monitor with a diagonal of 13.3 inches. Resolution is identical to ONYX BOOX Mira. The main difference is the lack of a touch layer. A model with a touch layer costs 5 thousand more.

But why do you need a touch layer on a monitor? Using the mouse and keyboard is much more convenient.

HUAWEI MateView GT Standard Edition 34" Monitor


  • Resolution: 3440×1440, aspect ratio 21:9
  • Matrix: VA, 165 Hz, 10-bit color depth, HDR
  • Brightness: 350 nits
  • Features: no flicker
  • Ports: USB Type-C x1 (supports screen, data transfer and 10W maximum charging power), USB Type-C x1 (power supply only), HDMI 2.0 x2, DP1.4 x1

This is a huge curved monitor with an increased brightness of 350 nits. The screen refresh rate is 165Hz, so it's great for gaming too.

This model was introduced at the end of the lastyear for 34 thousand rubles. Now you can buy it for the same price. What is the kunshtuk? It's simple: the market for large monitors is thinning out, because it is unprofitable to carry such huge monitors: they are heavy, they take up a lot of space, there is a high risk of running into a broken pixel, and when everything is delivered “in gray”, there is no one to present a claim to the retailer. And HUAWEI MateView GT Standard Edition can still be bought on the official website of Huawei, that is, there will also be a correct warranty.

By the way, we have a review of the monitor.

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If you buy on Yandex.Market, then pay attention to two things.

First, it can sometimes be useful to buy andthrough Yandex, since the Split interest-free installment system appeared there. You don’t need to draw up any documents, just choose the option, and the payment is beaten for 2-6 months. There may be a commission for a long term installment plan. Out of curiosity, back in February, I took the engine oil in installments. Carefully then they wrote off 700 rubles for 4 months. The day before the write-off, an SMS with a reminder comes.

Secondly, the cunning "Yandex" often putssome price. If you go directly to the store's website, then the price there may be lower (although occasionally it is higher). But Yandex does not want you to go to the store's website. Now there are no links to store sites on the marketplace pages. You have to search through the search bar.

Obviously, good monitors will be a rarity inRussia in the near future, as demand will exceed supply. Here even "Avito" will not help out. The choice of monitors is small, while people put prices for used monitors as if they were new.

So if there is a need for a monitor, then it is worth doing this business now.