Transparent displays from Japan Display (3 photos)

Revolutionary technologies sometimes transformtraditional devices, which it would seem impossible to change. Future displays can acquire a fundamentally new look in the event of mass distribution of technology proposed by the Japanese company Japan Display, which developed a transparent liquid crystal panel and a new generation of micro-LED screens.

A 12.3-inch monitor does notcolor filters and polarizers are used, which allows you to create a unique transparent screen, which even when demonstrating color images allows you to see it through. At a density of 125 dpi, the monitor has a resolution of 1440x540 and displays up to 4096 colors.

Transparency, or screen bandwidth,on which there is no image, it is 87%, and when the image is displayed on the screen, it can be integrated with objects behind the screen. More detailed information will be presented during the official demonstration on December 4-6 at the FinTech JAPAN 2019 exhibition. Mass production of displays will begin in 2020.

Along with transparent monitors will bedemonstrated and micro-LED displays with increased brightness and wide viewing angle. These devices lack the usual backlighting, polarizing and color filters. The small display has a diagonal of 1.6 inches and a resolution of 300 by 300. However, the brightness was 3000 cd / m² with viewing angles exceeding 178 °.

Experts believe that micro-LEDs could be a new stage in the development of displays, and the creation of the next generation of monitors that will replace OLED screens. Technology has already interested Apple.

Source: j-display