H96 Mach - a mini-PC on Android worth only $ 23 (3 photos)

Miniaturization of computer gadgets reachesunprecedented results. Currently, probably the most inexpensive one has appeared on sale, the H96 Max computer running Android, created as a television set-top box and costing only $ 23.

Computer device H96 Mach is evaluatedsignificantly lower than the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, and you can work with it without configuration immediately after purchase, only by connecting external peripherals: a monitor, input devices or TV.

The hardware part of the H96 Mach runs on a 4-coreRK3318 processor, has up to 4 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of internal flash memory, depending on configuration. Communication is carried out using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, there is an Ethernet port, an audio output, 4 USB connectors and one HDMI for broadcasting in 4K. You can also expand the memory using the SD slot.

Delivery is carried out with a remotecontrol cable HDMI. The overall dimensions of the device are 120 x 120 x 25, and compatibility with Google Play and Internet access provides the ability to work with Android services (G Suite, Office 365).

Source / Buy: Aliexpress / Gearbest