The new Harley-Davidson is introduced. And it's not a motorcycle at all

Harley-Davidson's submission overwhelmingfor most people, this is a company associated with growling motorbikes racing at tremendous speed along highways and prairies. But Harley-Davidson has long been trying to move away from this image and is trying himself in a variety of areas. For example, the company recently introduced a line of electric bicycles. And before exclaiming that “it would be better if the company produced motorcycles,” let's try to figure out what the new developments are.

Harley-Davidson Bike

Strictly speaking, Harley-Davidson is “almost” notcheating on herself. Indeed, in modern English, a bicycle is usually called “bike” instead of the traditional “bicycle”. Therefore, it can be technically said that Harley-Davidson is developing a bike. There is no digging. But, okay, these are all jokes, let's get back to our bikes.

New Bicycles From Harley-Davidson

At the annual meeting that the company holdsfor dealers and large retail chains, a new line of two-wheeled electric bicycles was presented, consisting, apparently, of three models. The two bikes shown have a closed frame and one is open. An open frame is a frame without an upper “pipe”. All three bikes are urban electric bikes.

Harley-Davidson rearranges its first lineelectric bikes. Designed specifically for urban environments, these bikes are designed to be widely distributed around the world, company representatives said.

Regarding the last statement, we havesome doubts. Harley-Davidson products have never been cheap and, apparently, it is not a fact that the new line of electric bikes is aimed precisely at the budget segment. The exact cost of bikes has not yet been announced, but it can be absolutely anything: from 500 dollars (and this is the lower limit of the cost of branded electric bikes) to 10,000 dollars (premium segment).

How good are Harley-Davidson electric bikes

However, there are a few points at whichI want to pay attention. Firstly, the fact that there is very little space reserved for the battery. This is probably a hint that these electric bikes can mainly be used "for their intended purpose." That is, just pedaling. The "standard" bicycle saddles and the very shape of the body also suggests that we mainly have to rely on pedal traction, and the use of an electric drive will be only an auxiliary element when driving. Also, apparently, instead of the chain from the pedals, we will be content with a belt drive. But this is, one might say, the standard in bicycle construction.

Interesting: The Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle was more powerful than anticipated.

All this sounds pretty mundane if we sayabout electric bicycles, but then everything looks weird. Take a closer look at the photos: on the steering wheel we see only one brake lever. This approach is standard in motorcycle manufacturing, but not atypical for bicycles. Does this mean that Harley-Davidson plans to release one of the first foot-brake electric bikes? This question, unfortunately, remains unanswered. If you have any suggestions, express them in our telegram chat.

There is nothing unusual in the design of bikes, and the volume of the battery, and at all causes only bewilderment

Where to buy an electric bike from Harley-Davidson

Nowhere now. Engineers of the company describe these models only as “best practices” for future models. And some bike specifications may change over time. However, an anonymous source in Harley-Davidson confirmed in an interview with Electrek that the concepts shown are genuine and that they will in fact soon enter the market in one form or another.

It remains only to wait for the official release of bikes to the wide sale, but we must confess that we expected from the legendary company a little more than a standard electric bike “like a textbook”. And you?