KAMAZ created a prototype of an unmanned truck without a cab (2 photos)

Fully unmanned vehicle with automaticcontrol does not need such a structural element as a cabin. The developers of the Russian auto giant KAMAZ went exactly this way by presenting a prototype of the Shuttle unmanned truck equipped with an automatic control system and not having a familiar cab. The prototype of the electric truck is at the stage of debugging and testing the main functions.

When creating a prototype as a basea steered chassis with single wheels and two axles was used. The vehicle’s overall dimensions are 8 x 2.55 x 4 meters, and its carrying capacity is up to 10 tons, with a speed of no higher than 40 km / h.

Environmental control system usesboth video cameras and lidars located in a symmetrical pattern on the sides of the car. The absence of a cab in the truck design significantly reduces the cost of production and gives a number of advantages provided by the parallelepiped shape of the car.

KAMAZ is currently the sixthunmanned vehicle. The shuttle will be designed to work inside the warehouse and logistics complexes and will not receive the right to exit on public roads at the first stage.

Source: motor