The first Russian private spaceport

The geography of tourist is growing every year.routes for lovers of travel. In the near future, routes beyond the Earth’s boundaries will become popular. Using reusable spacecraft, tourists will be able to go into space on an excursion from Russia's first private spaceport.

Currently, the question isThe construction of a cosmodrome with two launch pads will begin in the region. The launch pad of 2.5 by 2 km can be placed either in Tatarstan or in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The project worth $ 40 million is supervised by the CosmoCourse company, a Skolkovo resident.

The main object of the planned spaceport will bea special technical complex in which the assembly work of reusable ships will be carried out, preliminary testing of the operability of the units and planned maintenance of equipment during the period between flights.

To receive returning from spacetourist ships will be equipped with a perfectly flat circular area with a radius of about 2 km. The project is financed by the investor "CosmoCourse", which is still unknown to the general public.

Project development plans include launchingsuborbital spacecraft to an altitude of about 200 km (the orbit of Gagarin). The cabin volume for seven tourists is about 30 cubic meters. Travelers will be able to spend about 6 minutes in a state of zero gravity, while it is possible to move freely throughout the entire cabin. Preliminary training and instruction of tourists will take only three days. The cost of an excursion into space will be about 250 thousand dollars.