HUAWEI introduces Wireless Sound X speaker (3 photos)

HUAWEI Consumer Business Group simultaneously withThe new series of flagship smartphones HUAWEI P40 introduced a new product: the HUAWEI Sound X wireless speaker, created in collaboration with Devialet, which specializes in the design and manufacture of premium audio systems.

HUAWEI Sound X combines aesthetic design with andadvanced technology, which was noted by the jury of the prestigious 2020 German iF Design Award, which awarded the device a prize for a premium appearance. In addition to playing audio, Sound X simplifies interaction with the components of a smart home, and to turn on the sound of a speaker, just touch the smartphone with it. The minimum delay and the absence of losses during sound transmission are complemented by a proprietary multi-channel control panel based on the EMUI 10.1 OS.

HUAWEI and Devialet Joint Device
Devialet is a world famous brand usinghigh-quality sound reproduction system for its products. The company has received 76 prestigious awards and 160 technological patents and is a leader in its segment, offering audio devices characterized by high power and performance, low noise and distortion, but at the same time remaining compact.

HUAWEI Sound X Speaker Gets PatentedDevialet is a SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) signal processing technology and features a symmetrical Push-Push design for accurate sound reproduction with high detail.

SAM® technology introduces an algorithm thatable to adapt the output signal in accordance with the specific characteristics of the speaker and minimize sound distortion. As a result, listening to Sound X provides a complete immersion. The design of Push-Push involves the symmetrical placement of two powerful speakers, so that their backward waves cancel each other out. Thanks to this, even when the walls tremble with thundering bass, the Sound X's body remains motionless.

Jury Recognition iF Design
The upper glossy part of the column is made ofnon-conductive material using an advanced vacuum galvanization process, which provides not only an aesthetic appearance, but also excellent reception and transmission of a wireless signal. The lower part of the housing is also made of non-conductive material, providing free signal transmission. The tri-color RGB indicator on the top surface creates a kaleidoscope effect.

HUAWEI Sound X features dual subwoofers that deliver 60 watts of bass while remaining compact and portable for everyday universal use.

Multi-device control panel: wireless lossless audio
HUAWEI Sound X plays audio over Wi-Fi,which requires significantly less data compression and reduces signal delay compared to Bluetooth. The transmission system is based on HUAWEI proprietary technology - a multi-device control panel included with EMUI 10.1. This allows you to play online or local audio from your smartphone to the Sound X column. Open the smartphone’s main menu, select Sound X to play any audio and enjoy great sound.

The column also supports the HUAWEI Share function,which eliminates the need for users to wait for a wireless or Bluetooth connection. Instead, just touch the NFC tag on the Sound X with your smartphone. And to answer an incoming call through the Sound X column, simply turn on the one-touch call mode.

The launch of HUAWEI Sound X is scheduled for the summer of 2020 in selected countries.

Source: Huawei