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Should you buy rugged Android smartphones? If so, then yes

I don't know about you, but I can't stand to wear smartphone in a case. True, if I take it out of the protectivevestments, not a day goes by when, according to the law of meanness, I drop an expensive apparatus on something solid. This happens all the time, no matter what smartphone I use, and each one has a couple of marks on it that remind me of my unsuccessful attempts to play daredevil. As a result, I simply put the cover back on and for a long time forgot about taking it off again. But there are smartphones that are not afraid of not only wearing without a case, but also many other hardships.

Rugged smartphones can be both beautiful and practical

Of course I'm talking about secure smartphones. There are no such devices among iOS devices yet, but on Androidthere are a great many of them. Another question is which model and which manufacturer to choose. After all, finding a device that is not shameful with the right protection against damage is not so simple. But we found them. At brand IIIF150 a loud release of several cool new products has just taken place, from which we will choose.

Inexpensive rugged smartphone

AIr1 Pro is one of the cheapest smartphones in the line

IIIF150 Air1 Pro — a secure smartphone for those who are looking for somethingcheaper. Despite the extremely reasonable price, this device offers an almost uncompromising set of features, including a Full HD screen. He alone is able to refute the thesis that devices from the protected segment are shockproof calculators that are not capable of absolutely anything.

CPUHelio G37Display6.5″ Full HD 60HzCamera48/20/2 MPBattery5000 mAhoperating systemAndroid 12Memory6/128 GBMicroSD supportthere isNumber of SIMs2 nano-SIMs

First, the IIIF150 Air1 Pro has a veryinteresting design. The corrugated back cover, coupled with an interestingly designed camera block, is capable of attracting glances in itself. Despite the fact that this is a secure smartphone, the manufacturer uses glass that is quite familiar to us. But due to the plastic sidewalls, the device will better dampen shocks, which means that the chance that it will break will be less.

Secondly, the smartphone has as many as three degrees of protection: IP68 - from water and dust, IP69K - from elevated temperatures and pressures, as well as military standard MIL-STD-810, which guarantees operation in conditions of elevation changes, shaking, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, gases, etc.

You can’t even tell from it that it costs just a little more than 12k rubles

Thirdly, IIIF150 Air1 Pro has a completely atypical camera for devices in this price segment. The device is equipped 48 megapixel sensor and support for night and portrait shooting. A three-section flash will not only illuminate photos in low light, but will perfectly cope with the role of a powerful flashlight in complete darkness.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro on WB

IIIF150 Air1 Pro on Ozon

Fourth, IIIF150 Air1 Pro runs on Android 12. This is very unusual for this device.price segment. Usually, the maximum that manufacturers of smartphones worth up to 15k rubles can offer is Android 11 or even 10 with no prospects for an update. And here we have almost the latest version, because Android 13 has not even reached most flagships yet.

In general, looking at the appearance of the IIIF150 Air1 Pro,You can’t say at all that this is a smartphone of the initial price segment. Typically, manufacturers save on either design or hardware. But here, both are in perfect order. Even NFC for contactless payments eat. So I wouldn't be surprised if, for the foreseeable future, the manufacturer decides to raise the price instead of going to zero, as is likely to happen now.

Rugged smartphone with big battery

The key advantage of this smartphone is a 10,000 mAh battery.

IIIF150 B1 Pro - a smartphone that stands one step higher,than the previously described Air1 Pro. With an identical filling and design in a single style, this device is the preferred option for those who need the most autonomous device. For example, so that it can be taken on a hike for several days without the ability to quickly recharge.

CPUHelio G37Display6.5″ Full HD 60HzCamera48/20/2 MPBattery10,000 mAhoperating systemAndroid 12Memory6/128 GBMicroSD supportthere isNumber of SIMs2 nano-SIMs

You probably already guessed that the main feature of this smartphone is autonomy. If the IIIF150 Air1 Pro has a 5000 mAh battery, then the B1 Pro has smartphone with 10,000 mAh battery. Just imagine what had to be doneengineers to fit such a battery in a smartphone case. After all, IIIF150 B1 Pro has become even a little smaller in height and added only 0.6 mm in width.

B1 Pro - reliable and stylish

True, the thickness of the device has seriously grown thin.16 mm is not a piece of paper for you. But keep in mind that this is far from a lady's phone that you can force somewhere on the Patrick Islands (although, in fairness, there they will be even more surprised by such a device than on a camping trip). This is a working machine with excellent autonomy and a Full HD display that will endure any operating conditions without much risk to your well-being.

IIIF150 B1 Pro on WB

IIIF150 B1 Pro on Ozon

Otherwise, everything here is the same as insideIIIF150 Air1 Pro: Same camera, same specs, including night vision camera, same wireless interface, same standards for water, dust and other protection. It is very correct to make identical smartphones that differ in some one parameter. Especially so important. Who wants a smaller device will buy Air1 Pro. And whoever needs a long-liver like B1 Pro will take it.

Rugged smartphone with a good camera and battery

The designers did a great job of choosing the color scheme.

IIIF150 R2022 - even more powerful rugged smartphone. Unlike the previous two, it hasa completely different filling that will appeal to even picky users. With Air1 Pro and B1 Pro, this model is related only by the origin, which the design clearly tells us, as well as really good protection by all popular standards, which you probably already know about:

  • IP68 - maximum protection against water and dust;
  • IP69K - protection against powerful jets of high temperature water;
  • MIL-STD-810 is an army standard that provides protection against multiple influences at once (pressure and temperature drops, shaking, gases, pyrotechnic explosions, etc.).

CPUHelio G95Display6.8″ Full HD 90HzCamera64/20/2 MPBattery8300 mAhoperating systemAndroid 11Memory8/128, 8/256 GBMicroSD supportthere isNumber of SIMs2 nano-SIMs

As you can see, IIIF150 R2022 is equipped with a more powerful processor Helio G95than other models.This is one of the most productive solutions in its segment. And thanks to 8/128 or 8/256 GB of memory (together with support for memory cards), you can not worry about crashes of applications running in the background, as well as about the amount of data that you store on your device.

A powerful smartphone in a rugged housing - what else do you need for travel?

The smartphone display is a different story. Not only does it have a diagonal of 6.8 inches at Full HD resolution, it also offers support for the first time in the segment of rugged devices. mode 90 Hz eat.Yes, with such a screen, you can comfortably watch a movie on the road, and read the news, and flip through the feed on social networks, and, of course, play - in all scenarios, the screen will be smooth and comfortable in terms of the amount of information that will fit on it .

IIIF150 R2022 on WB

IIIF150 R2022 on Ozon

For shooting photos and videos, everything is ok here too. Camera 64 MP allows not only to produce clear anddetailed shots, but even take photos and videos in total darkness. Advanced algorithms in real time brighten the frame and make the image much more visible even in the absence of natural light sources.

The manufacturer decided not to chase numbers and provided IIIF150 R2022 8300 mAh battery. This is less than the IIIF150 B1 Pro, but even thiscapacity will last a long time. And, when the battery still sits down, its resource can be replenished with the help of a charger with support for fast charging. It already comes with a smartphone, so you don’t have to spend money on buying it.