FBI Gadgets Hacking Android and iPhone Sells for $ 100

UFED is a special device used by the FBI inas a tool for hacking smartphones. It is also used by the US Department of Homeland Security and many law enforcement agencies in other countries. Recently, however, the gadget has become available to literally everyone.

Modern devices of this type are activelysold at a price of 500 - 15000 dollars (pricing depends on the model). However, their relatively old models are found on eBay and for $ 100. As they say, the police are selling them. And in some cases they have information extracted from smartphones, among them even the one used in criminal investigations. As a result, there were leaks.

One security expert wasconducted a special investigation. He revealed on some of the sets he purchased, data on which devices were hacked using them, as well as what information and when it was possible to obtain. Among other things, there were mobile identifiers such as IMEI code, text messages and contact lists.

These gadgets are not compatible with the latest versions.iOS. However, the study showed that with the help of this device, it was possible to gain access to a locked iPhone X managed by iOS 11. Google and Apple are constantly struggling with devices of this kind, working with unknown manufacturers and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Produces such gadgets company Cellebrite. It prohibits reselling unnecessary devices, requiring them to be returned to the company.