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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review: updated tablet

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Not so long ago, Samsung introduced a new flagship tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, which is positioned not only as a device for entertainment, but also as a solution for business users.

Externally, the new Galaxy Tab S3 resembles, however, it has a 16: 10 aspect ratio instead of 4: 3, thinner frames, the absence of the Home button and the presence of four AKG speakers.

Is the new Galaxy Tab S4 worth $ 650 ($ 44,150) worth having last year’s equipment on board? Let's find out.

  • What is in the box?
  • Design and construction
  • Tablet display
  • CPU performance
  • Interface and functionality
  • Stylus S Pen
  • DeX mode without docking station
  • Convenient accessories
  • Galaxy Tab S4 Cameras
  • Multimedia and sound
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 out of the box

    • In the box we find:
    • Tablet Galaxy Tab S4.
    • Stylus S Pen.
    • Fast charger.
    • USB Type-C cable.
    • User's manual.

    Design and construction

    Aspect ratio 16:10, makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 a bit elongated, but compact. The back is made of glass here and the side frame is aluminum, which makes it look like modern mobile devices. The weight of the tablet is quite noticeable - about 483 g.

    The combination of such weight and glass surfacemakes the Galaxy Tab S4 uncomfortable to use without a case. As soon as the device heats up, the hand begins to sweat, which is why the tablet can easily slip out of hand. In addition, incorrect holding it leads to accidental pressing of icons and shortcuts that are on the edges of the display.

    The power and volume buttons are located onTab S4 right side, they are dense and have a nice touch. The built-in vibration motor gives a distinct tactile response when you press the navigation buttons. The protrusion at the camera on the rear panel is small here, the gadget is securely lying on a flat surface.

    Tablet display

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with a 10.5-inchAMOLED display with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 and a density of 288 ppi, due to which individual pixels are viewed. There are four screen display modes. You can choose a mode with bright, rich colors or more muted - basic.

    Along the edges of the Galaxy Tab S4 display, a slight shift in color is noticeable. Not critical, but there is still a distortion.

    CPU performance

    Powered Galaxy Tab S4 on the flagship processor of 2017 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, thanks to which there are no problems with performance.

    Even demanding games like Rules of Survival,Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 reproduces without delay. When multitasking tablet also does not experience difficulties. The gadget is equipped with 4 GB of RAM, which is far from a record value, even non-top smartphones offer 6 GB and 8 GB. As for the internal memory, there is a version with 64 GB and 256 GB, which can be increased with the help of microSD cards.

    Test results



    Jet stream


    GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 on-screen


    Interface and functionality

    Predictably, Galaxy Tab S4 works on OSAndroid 8.1 with Samsung Experience interface. The shell has some useful features, including a “safe folder” that restricts access to files with a password.

    The Device Maintenance application will tell you which files take up a lot of space and which applications need to be turned off to save battery power. Game Launcher disables incoming notifications during games.

    Samsung Gallery software allows you to create fromphotos small video files, GIF-animation or a beautiful slide show. Overall, the Experience interface has improved noticeably and is great for work-oriented users.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 does not have a “Home” button, and all navigation is done through the virtual navigation panel using on-screen buttons.

    A fingerprint scanner is also missing here, replaced by an iris scanner. There is also an Intelligent Scan feature that combines retinal scanning and face recognition.

    In portrait mode, unlock passesquickly and quietly. But in landscape orientation problems arise. You have to turn the tablet so that the camera can see the eyes or face. Nevertheless, unlocking works quickly, although I was not as comfortable as with a fingerprint scanner.

    Stylus S Pen

    It's nice to have the original S Pen stylus included.with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, but the tablet does not provide mounts for installing it. Works stylus on Wacom technology with support for preventing accidental operation of the touch panel.

    Samsung S Pen is equipped with a good battery and offers 4096 levels of sensitivity. The Pen App is great for artists or those who learn to draw.

    The Galaxy Tab S4 stylus can also be used forother tasks. Pressing and holding a button allows you to mark, copy, or paste text. When you hover on the screen appears a pointer, like a mouse, which allows you to interact with sites and applications.

    DeX mode without docking station

    On Tab S4, DeX mode can now work withoutdocking stations. To activate it, you need to open the notification panel and click on the special switch. For more convenience, you can connect a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard.

    You can also connect an external monitor to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. In this case, Tab S4 will play the role of an additional screen or pen tablet with a pen.

    Convenient accessories

    To improve performance, you can buy a special case-keyboard, which is sold separately. The cover connects to the four-pin connector, which is located on the left side of the device.

    Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard buttons have a smallstroke when pressed, but despite the thin profile, they are convenient to use for typing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard case also has an integrated stylus holder.

    The Pogo Charging Dock is anotheraccessory that can be purchased separately. The station holds the device only in landscape orientation and recharges it through a four-pin connector. However, the presence of a docking station is not necessary, it is more suitable for watching movies.

    Galaxy Tab S4 Camera

    The rear panel of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with a 13-megapixel lens, and an 8-megapixel lens on the front. The rear camera has no optical stabilization, so the image quality is normal at best.

    Detailing is good, however, images sometimesare grainy or fuzzy. The color rendition is close to reality, but the dynamic range is bad. Even in HDR mode, the camera brightens bright areas and darkens too dark. Obviously, the tablet should not be used as the main camera.

    The front camera Galaxy Tab S4 is perfect for making selfies and video calls. There is a portrait mode, however, it does not clearly separate the object, especially if the background is complex.

    Multimedia and sound

    Galaxy Tab S4 is not just for work. A wide 10.5-inch screen is great for watching movies. On the upper and lower faces are four speakers from the AKG. The speakers sound spacious and with excellent stereo separation, but the lack of low frequencies deprives the sound of full saturation.

    Overall, the Tab S4 sounds much better than most tablets. But its main rival iPad Pro is still one step ahead with more noticeable bass, high highs and clear mid frequencies.

    Autonomy Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

    Battery capacity 7300 mAh allows Tab S4work without recharging for up to two days. I used the tablet during the day when DeX mode was on, reading articles, editing images, communicating in social networks and listening to music. After about 6.5 hours, the charge dropped by only 10%.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a prime exampleA new breed of productive tablets. However, its cost of $ 650 ($ 44,150) is too high, given that the hardware here is not the most modern and best. However, if you need a tablet, which can be a workstation, and a device for entertainment, few can compare with the Galaxy Tab S4.

    Among the alternatives Tab S4 can be attributed Microsoft Surface Go worth $ 400 (27 150 p.). The device works on Windows S. But the keyboard case and the stylus are sold separately for $ 100 ($ 6,800) each.

    There is also an iPad Pro at the same price as the gadget from Samsung. The stylus will also have to be bought separately for $ 100 ($ 6,800), and the keyboard will cost $ 160 ($ 10,850).

    Advantages of the Galaxy Tab S4

    • Excellent appearance.
    • DeX mode works without a docking station.
    • Beautiful software.
    • Comes with one of the best styli.
    • The speakers have stereo sound.

    Disadvantages Tab S4

    • The sound of the speakers is normal at best.
    • Glass surface and heavy weight.
    • Last year's processor.
    • Iris scanner works weird.
    • The quality of the cameras is not the best.

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