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Microsoft Surface Go Review: Strange Tablet PC

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Microsoft Surface Go is a specific gadget. For a certain, very niche customer, it will be perfect. And for whom else? I checked how to work on the latest and controversial tablet from Microsoft.

Usually after several days of communication withI have a certain idea for whom it is for. There is no universally great product. For some, the iPad is the most wonderful tablet, while for others, despite the possibilities and quality, I cannot recommend it. Usually you yourself know which product is for you and why.

But, I had to think for a long time who reallycan recommend Surface Go. Taking into account the price of this equipment and its actual capabilities, the target group is narrowing down. Although it must be said that Microsoft Surface Go looks and feels much better than you expect.

  • Appearance and design
  • Specifications and Impressions
  • What can Surface Go?
  • Battery autonomy
  • We love each other
  • You will like the offer
  • Consumer view
  • For whom is Microsoft Surface Go?
  • Should I buy?
  • Microsoft Surface Go Appearance

    The design of the equipment is sure to please you. As for the design, this is a high-end gadget. In addition to being lightweight (just over 0.5 kilogram), it is also perfectly balanced. Workmanship makes a very good impression, as does the magnesium alloy body.

    This tablet (Microsoft insists on determining- computer) can easily be taken outside the home or office. Without feeling his presence in a briefcase or backpack, he is always ready to go, no matter what you want to do.

    Like Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Go alsoequipped with a card reader, headphone jack and Surface Connect for charging or accessories. However, it differs from its older brother in a USB connection — the Go tablet offers a USB-C port (not miniDisplayPort).

    The device can be charged with a regular USB-C charger, but the charging time here is so long that I will only consider it as an emergency connector if I forget the charger for Surface Connect.

    Surface Go offers the perfect working stand(rack), which has any deviation level — useful when you want to install it somewhere or plug in a keyboard to use the tablet like a laptop.

    This rack is one of the strongest points.ruler Surface, which significantly increases usability. The keyboard is sold separately and costs about $ 130 ($ 8,800). There is a stylus Surface Pen, it will cost another $ 100 (6 800 p.).

    Specifications and Impressions

    Above, I praise Microsoft Surface Go for and workmanship. I think that anyone who takes it in their hands for the first time will have the same impression, which will improve slightly after the launch of the gadget.

    Alas, beautiful aspect ratio 3: 2 and the resolution of 1800 × 1200 - bright, crisp, juicy, with beautiful colors - is surrounded by an ugly thick frame. As a result, the display diagonal Surface Go is much smaller than the size of the tablet. This not only looks bad, but also has negative practical effects.

    However, this simplifies the transfer of the tablet in the hands. In addition, the thickness of the frame was a necessary measure of the hinge of the rear pillar - a unique advantage of the Surface devices.

    I got a test version with 8 GBRAM and 128 GB SSD, worth more than 50 000 rubles. There is also a version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB much slower than working eMMC memory at a price of about 35,000 r.

    But do not think to save. I'll explain why, later. Surface Go should be considered only in the best version. Which with a keyboard costs a total of about 60,000, and I have not yet included a stylus in the set. Expensive? Well yes…

    What can Surface Go?

    More than I thought. I was afraid that the Pentium 4415Y processor, with outdated technological processes, would force Microsoft Surface Go to have a typical work culture like Chinese devices for several conditional hundreds. Meanwhile, I am not only pleased with the speed of its work, but also with the proposed battery autonomy.

    This is where a quick graphic layout helps,which is used by many applications to accelerate and visualize objects, the Windows interface, and even computational operations. This is especially noticeable in the system browser, in which I could open several web applications and work with them very well.

    Unfortunately, the GPU Pentium can not replacecompletely free processor. Applications that do not directly use graphics and do not run in the background load this device. Although, if we work only in Excel, OneNote or Edge, there is no reason to complain.

    Start working with multiple the same time, and Windows in its own way will make it clear that Surface Go has little power. This moment is associated with cheap equipment when you write and type on the keyboard faster than you see the letters entered on the screen? Yes!

    Battery autonomy

    Microsoft claims hybrid tablet(computer) Surface Go will give us 9 hours of work without the need to recharge the battery. This result can probably be obtained by activating all possible power saving modes. But who works like that?

    With wireless enabled andWith automatic screen brightness, I was able to work on Microsoft Surface Go for about 5 hours. A suitable result, but competitors in this price range offer more.

    We love each other

    I did not expect to be influenced by Surface Go. In this tablet computer there is a lot of class: you can surf, watch a movie, read, and also be able to transform (using the keyboard) its tiny screen on a computer monitor and work with desktop applications.

    At the same time, this equipment is socompact and light that carrying it in a bag or backpack does not cause any problems. Even the Microsoft Surface Go keyboard is very comfortable, despite its small size. Its buttons are full, as is the trackpad below.

    Should I spend money on a hybrid tablet with a modest performance?

    And here the problems begin. Microsoft Surface Go is a nice, very light, and nice gadget. It has a beautiful screen and Windows OS, so besides entertainment applications, you will be able to perform some of the duties.

    However, over 60 thousand rubles. You can also buy a good laptop with windows. Less portable and compact, but one that will allow multitasking and efficient work. You can also buy a much cheaper iPad, and that's enough to compensate for the biggest disadvantage of Surface Go - the lack of a keyboard and stylus out of the box. But, unlike Surface, on the iPad, we will be able to run programs written only under iOS.

    You'll love the Microsoft offer.

    Customers who already have a relationship withMicrosoft software (software), for example, government agencies using Microsoft 365, Office 365, or additional company services, may want to equip their employees with Surface Go. It is always more convenient to cooperate in this direction with one company than with many. And, probably, will receive additional benefits.

    New training, initial training or even retraining, with Surface Go will be very convenient.

    In the end, it's well, and in some applications, its execution is individual. When entering data into the fields of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or performing tasks in OneNote using Microsoft Surface Go, we do not need to spend more energy than expected. In the evening it is nice to disconnect the keyboard to view the series or read articles on the Internet.

    Consumer view

    If you have a little money and you are looking for a laptop forserious work, there is a much more efficient equipment at this price. If you have little money and are looking for only a tablet and something with an average performance, the iPad will be an excellent choice. If you have a lot of money, then Surface Pro will be a better idea.

    Theoretically, the iPad should kill Surface Go, that itand does in many aspects. Especially when it comes to battery time or entertainment. The Apple Tablet is also limited in many ways. If we use the device only for reading news or watching movies, buying Surface Go does not make any sense.

    I caught myself thinking many times using thisequipment that a lot could not on the iPad. Even with normal operation - the lack of support for the mouse and trackpad is still the biggest drawback of iOS.

    For whom is Microsoft Surface Go?

    60 thousand r. for a tablet PC offering a modest battery life - a lot for the pocket of a Russian client. Yes, Surface Go is stylishly designed and has a beautiful display. But even working with two applications often becomes a problem for him.

    That is why I advise you not to buy a cheaper version, although bloggers who are testing this version and praise it for its amazing efficiency - I will believe my feelings.

    Microsoft Surface Go is a very good offer for a corporate client, thanks to the representative view and its integration, including bookkeeping, with the full Microsoft offer.

    An individual client is a slightly different story. This equipment will be appreciated by people who want to have the most compact solution on which you can work comfortably, like on a regular computer.

    Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Go

    Indisputable advantages of Surface Go are desktop versions of applications for improved performance, trackpad and mouse support, the familiar Windows environment and very high quality.


    Microsoft Surface Go and should not reachgreat commercial success. It does not require much to become a bestseller. For a large part of you, this makes no sense, mainly because of the price. However, there is another side to the coin.

    I challenge you: find me a convenient tablet that supports desktop and tablet Windows applications. So light and well balanced, with Windows Hello, with high quality and aspect ratio of the display, which is easily transformed from one form to another. With stand - a set of suitable ports. Will you find?

    Surface Go can do a lot of competitors, but it has its own unique advantages that will attract the imagination and empty the wallet of some consumers.

    It is compact, very light, of coursepremium, and can do everything that your computer can. Unfortunately, slower and less efficient, but your computer is probably much larger, heavier and less pleasant to use. This is an excellent device, suitable for field workers and students, as well as an additional device for our powerful computer ...

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