Roscosmos is preparing a mission to Jupiter

Deep space exploration requires seriouspreparation, which entails large financial costs. Having high scientific potential and relevant developments, the Roskosmos system is ready to continue developing an ambitious project for an interplanetary flight to the moons of Jupiter.

The only limitation, according to the head of the strategic research of the company, is the lack of adequate funding.

Despite the lack of financial supportThe project of a flight to Jupiter in the current Federal Space Program, Roscosmos experts do not leave plans for a flight to Jupiter and continue development work previously begun.

In particular, studies related tothe study of the methodology for predicting the effect of increased radiation on aircraft traveling to Jupiter. At the same time, the fundamental principles of protecting equipment and control systems of the station from the effects of increased radiation are developed. These developments are conducted by the state corporation on its own and are aimed at promising projects.

Source: vpk-news