Foldable smartphone Huawei Mate X 5G is very demanding on operating conditions

Developers continue to bring tomarket smartphones with a bending screen. Already in the near future, on November 15, the Mate X 5G model from Huawei will enter the market. Quite expensive, in connection with the use of innovative technological developments, the device will be sold at a price of $ 2,430.

However, despite the high costsmartphone, developers of Huawei warn that the device is quite demanding on the operating conditions. So, for example, the screen cannot be bent at a temperature of minus five degrees Celsius. If you violate this restriction, the user runs the risk of getting a cracked screen.

In addition, developers declare availability indevices of high-precision components sensitive to dust and moisture. Therefore, the new smartphone should be kept warm and the room should be controlled for dust and high humidity.

Another limitation when working with the Mate X 5Gthere will be a mandatory presence of a protective film on the screen, which is set by the manufacturer independently. Film replacement should be carried out in a special service center.

It should be remembered that such limitations are associated with the use of unusual and innovative forms of the factor, the development of which a few years ago seemed like science fiction and a thing of the distant future.

Source: gizchina