Razer iPhone Game Cases

Razer has developed original Razer Arctech cases for the just introduced iPhone 11 models. The main consumers of such products will be users who are fond of mobile games.

The main advantage of covers is specialmaterials and design for efficient cooling of mobile gadgets. So for the production of covers used material codenamed Thermaphene, the structure of which will improve heat dissipation from smartphones.

According to the developers, the design andcover materials will reduce the temperature of the iPhone by 6 degrees Celsius. Two-layer covers: inside microfiber, and outside plastic with a perforated surface.

Razer Arctech cases will be delivered in the corporate color version - black and green, as well as in white and pink.
Two cover designs are offered. Arctech Pro / Arctech Pro THS Edition is positioned as shockproof, with shock-absorbing walls and a scratch-resistant back panel. Provides protection when falling from a height of three meters. The Arctech Slim model does not have a cushioning layer, and its dimensions are slightly reduced.

In addition to the iPhone 11 range, Razer casesArctech is compatible with last year's iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and the branded Razer Phone 2 smartphone. Covers are already priced at $ 30 Slim, $ 40 Pro and $ 45 THS Edition. The company also introduced the Razer Blue Light Screen Protector film that provides eye protection from smartphone screen radiation. The film sells for $ 40.

Source: razer