Audi AI SUV: TRAIL quattro with electric motors and drones to illuminate the road (23 photos + 2 videos)

Audi demonstrated a conceptualAudi AI: TRAIL quattro electric SUV model full of high-tech solutions that allow seamless movement across rough terrain and the city.

The concept is equipped with four engines, each ofwhich drives one wheel. The total total torque is 1000 Nm, and the total engine power is 320 kW. The electronic system independently controls the operation of the engines, which eliminates the need to use various tricks necessary for traveling over rough terrain. The clearance of 34 cm and the diameter of 22 inches of the wheels allows the SUV to cross through water barriers with a depth of up to 0.5 meters.

The battery is designed for a range of 500 km on the highway and 250 km in difficult terrain. The maximum speed is limited to 130 km / h. The mass of cars collected from aluminum and carbon fiber is about 1750 kg.

When moving around the city and on highwaysa car can use Level 4 unmanned control (completely without driver intervention). Moving on dirt roads allows you to use the Level 3 unmanned control - driving in unmanned mode at low speed.

The SUV is equipped with numerous scanners andsensors signaling dangerous sections of the road. The main and additional LED headlights provide road lighting. However, to help the driver, the delivery of five drones Audi Light Pathfinders and lights Audi Light Companion.

Drones can take off on their own andland on the roof of the car, where there are special ports for wireless charging drone. Information from drones is transmitted using cameras to the screen inside the car. The main function of the Drogovs is road lighting and they are controlled by automotive AI.

Special lights Audi Light Companion athelp magnets are mounted in the cabin. Their main task is internal lighting and additional light when traveling outside the car. In the lanterns there is a navigation system indicating the path to the Audi AI SUV: TRAIL.

Source: audi-mediacenter