Modern technology comes to the rescue: you won't lose your umbrella again

Losing an umbrella is a common problem that anyone can face. They forgot it on the subway, at work, or even left it in an eatery where they drank coffee.

After the loss, you can most likely say goodbye to the umbrella, because you won’t even know if someone took it or took it to the office of lost things.

Designer Aniket Bharajkar, apparently losthas come up with a simple and elegant solution, based on the development of Samsung and Apple trackers, and created a special mount for trackers on an umbrella.

As the creators note, the shape of the mount is also suitable for a cane.

The development itself is still in, but we think many people are already interested in the product. Even if you are very careful, in the speed of the modern world it is very easy to lose this or that thing.

It seems that nothing new has been invented, but forFor some people, the combo tracker + mount + umbrella will become really useful and will allow you to easily find your favorite umbrella through a mobile application. And there is only one question. Why did they think of such a solution, lying on the surface, only now?