General has released a set of hardware and software for third-generation autonomous trucks has released a system for hardware and software for integration into structures

trucks with the aim of turning them into autonomousvehicles of the third level. The complex of equipment includes 20 systems and sensors that provide control over the trajectory of movement and monitor obstacles on the road over a wide range of distances. The solution is designed for the needs of logistics companies that operate heavy trucks on highways.

The company says it has achievedbreakthroughs in areas such as blind spot control, maneuvering with long trailers and long distance obstacle control. The set of equipment includes: a long-range detection camera, 2 medium-range cameras, lidars and radars for short and long ranges. The system is able to ensure a smooth rebuilding and avoidance of an obstacle in the form of a car or any other obstacle on the highway, it can analyze the presence of potholes on the road or the ingress of foreign objects on the roadway. It is stated that the system fixes obstacles in the range from 200 to 1,000 meters in the direction of travel, which gives it time to change lanes and maneuvers 30 seconds before the obstacle at an average speed on the highway of 90 kilometers per hour.