Can a white rhino clone save an entire species from extinction?

The last male of the northernwhite rhino, forcing scientists to actively seek ways to save this species, which is on the verge of extinction. All over the world there are only two female white rhino left and, unfortunately, not one of them is able to survive a pregnancy. Scientists plan to save the species using IVF by planting an embryo in the body of a southern white rhino. At the moment, they have already managed to fertilize the eggs of the remaining two white rhinos, which in theory can help save these amazing creatures from complete extinction.

The world's last 45-year-old white rhino Sudan died for natural reasons.

Endangered Rhino

At the top of the ecosystem, northern whiteRhino is a kind of landscape architect. Thanks to the quiet coexistence with other animal species, it creates a favorable environment for many representatives of fauna species, laying trails for antelopes and giving manure for various insects.

Rhino populations are shrinking for years due toaggressive poaching of skin and horns, which bring huge profits to people. So, in Asia, it is believed that the rhino horn is able to cure any kind of disease. Unfortunately, resorting to aggressive methods of obtaining a useful resource, mankind has destroyed almost the entire population of the northern white rhino.

In 2014, Kenyan Ol Pejeta Nature Reserveinherited four white rhinos, two of which died after some time. Since then, the surviving females of the white rhino have remained the only representatives of this animal species on the planet. Scientists, providing for the quick death of the male, previously extracted his DNA material, which was frozen in the hope of the emergence of opportunities for the revival of the species.

The American Wildlife Fund claims that carrying out IVF procedures, as well as maintaining and caring for newborn rhinos, can cost more than $ 9 million

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Making embryos

Despite the fact that there are no females left in the worldWhite rhinos, capable of naturally bearing offspring, scientists are actively engaged in solving this problem. So, scientists are trying to create a small rhino in the laboratory by collecting and selecting germ cells from the two remaining females of a white rhino. Scientists managed to fertilize the eggs with DNA material collected before the death of two males.

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In this way, scientists hope to use the southernwhite rhino as a surrogate mother, transplanting an embryo using IVF. At the moment, this is the only chance of saving an endangered species.