On the far side of the moon, a "mysterious hut" is seen (2 photos)

Chinese lunar rover Yutu 2, woke up on October 29In 2021, after a long "sleep" on the dark side of the moon and starting his 36-month expedition, he took several pictures of a mysterious object on the horizon, already dubbed "the mysterious hut." The small object is shaped like a cube with sharp edges.

Movement of the lunar rover Yutu 2 on the lunar surfaceobstructed by the difficult terrain and numerous craters. Therefore, despite the fact that it is only about 80 meters from the "mysterious hut" to Yutu 2, the path of the earth apparatus will take several months. During this time, the rover will bypass numerous small craters and avoid driving on steep slopes. In addition, the device works with the use of solar panels, and its "working day" depends on the position of the sun.

Numerous asteroids, regularlybombarding the Moon, can create unique geological formations, which could include the "mysterious hut" noticed by Yutu 2. The only thing that is alarming is the clear smooth edges of the object.

Chinese journalists are saying fantasticspeculation that the "hut" was built near the "mother" crater, which was the result of the wreck of an alien ship. It is also possible that the object is a lunar station of space pioneers exploring our satellite. On Chinese social media, the "mystery hut" has been compared to objects from Arthur Clarke's science fiction and Stanley Kubrick's movies. It did not take long to wait for the solution of the riddle: the Chinese lunar rover began to move towards the unknown cube.

Source: weixin