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How virtual reality affects the taste of products

Virtual reality allows us to experienceas if we are in a completely different world. In advanced helmets, the sensations are sometimes so real that you even stop paying attention to the graphics and completely immerse yourself in the fictional world on the other side of the helmet's projection screen. However, if we so “believe” in the realism of that world, can this affect our perception of objective reality? As it turned out, VR may well affect the taste of the products.

As Techcrunch reports, not so long ago onAt Cornell University (USA), a study was conducted on the effect of the virtual environment on the perception of food taste. The development was led by a team led by Robert Dando.

“When we eat, we perceive not only the taste and aroma of food. We also receive information from our surroundings - ears, eyes and even memories can significantly affect perception. ”

Scientists wanted to find out not only whether VRimprove the taste of food, but also the possibility of using virtual reality as a test platform, allowing manufacturers to conduct research on the influence of the situation on the perception of taste, while not putting people in real conditions (for example, on an airplane).

For the experiment, 50volunteers. All of them passed through a standard set of locations: a regular booth without a VR helmet and 2 locations in a virtual environment: a bench in a quiet and beautiful park and a not very aesthetically pleasing barn. The most interesting thing is that the participants were offered in each of the three locations to try the same sort of blue cheese. But they did not know about it, thinking that all varieties are different. As a result, it turned out that the cheese eaten in a pleasant VR environment is tastier than the same cheese eaten in a regular booth without virtual reality. Logically, the cowshed took last place.

“This study confirms that virtualreality can be used as a testing environment. “Visually, VR gives the consumed products the quality of the environment itself, which makes this type of testing cost-effective.”

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