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Maybach two-seater off-road electric car presented (5 photos)

Original electric car underThe Project Maybach name was developed by Mercedes Benz in conjunction with the famous designer Virgil Abloh, who died in November 2021 from cancer.

The new Project Maybach is unique and notuses standard Mercedes platforms. The electric car is designed for two people, has a length of 6 meters, and solar panels are built into the elongated transparent hood, replenishing the battery energy and increasing the autonomous mileage.

The front part of the body of the two-door auto ProjectThe Maybach is made in the style of the classic Rolls-Royce, and the "chopped off" stern is decorated with round lanterns, made in a retro style. You can also note the protective arches with metal plates located in the front and rear of the body of the electric vehicle, and two sections of four spotlights (one on the roof, and the other on the arch in the front of the hood).

An external luggage carrier is located above the protective arches,performing additional protective functions in the event of a rollover Project Maybach. The car seats are made in the style of Italian sports supercars of the 70s of the last century. In the front part of the panel, from the end, there is a removable box, and an ax is placed at the driver's hand.

Project Maybach will be on display at the Rubell Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami in memory of designer Virgil Abloh, for whom the electric car was the last work of his life.