In Google, they did not delete the application that monitors the movement of women

Google refused to remove the Absher app,allowing residents of Saudi Arabia to monitor their women. The program also sends an SMS message if they, when they attempt to cross the border, present a passport. The fact is that in this country women cannot travel abroad without having received permission from their fathers or husbands.

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Democratic Senator Sen. Ron Widen demandedfor Google and Apple to remove this application from their platforms. The politician even sent the general directors of the companies corresponding letters signed by 14 more legislators. The documents noted that Google and Apple are involved in oppressing Saudi women, placing such an application on their own platforms.

However, remove it from Google Play in the companyGoogle refused, noting that it meets all the terms and conditions of the corporation. It is curious that the Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia also uses this application, collecting and processing information about its own citizens. With Absher, people in Saudi Arabia can even register vehicles and get passports. According to Google Play statistics, Absher downloaded and installed over a million times.

Source: engadget