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Why is there cigarette smoke even in non-smoking areas?

Cigarettes harm every human bodyone of its existence. Today it doesn’t matter whether you smoke or not, because harmful substances are found almost everywhere and harm the health of all mankind. Recently, German researchers found that the harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke are even in rooms where smoking has been strictly prohibited for over a decade. The question arises - how can particles of cigarette smoke end up in rooms with such strict rules? No, the matter is not in the presence of any gaps in the building, but in the people themselves.

We will not tire of repeating that smoking is harmful to your health

About the research and the discovery madewas written in the scientific publication Science Advances. Scientists have long known that cigarette smoke contains a huge amount of harmful substances. For example, it contains benzene, which causes heart palpitations and headaches, as well as formaldehydes, which are dangerous for the upper respiratory tract. In order to protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of these chemical compounds, the owners of many restaurants, cinemas and other public places place a ban on indoor smoking. However, the benefits of such measures were not as great as previously thought.

The harm of cigarette smoke

The fact that there are particles of cigarette smokein almost any room, found a group of German scientists led by Professor Drew Gentner. They agreed with one of the cinemas in Germany that they would appreciate the purity of the air in the cinema with the help of special equipment. In theory, a huge room should have been deprived of harmful substances, because in the cinema for 15 years in a row it was forbidden to smoke. But it was not so simple.

This is also interesting: Cigarettes emit harmful substances even after extinguishing

Researchers monitored the concentration of thousandstypes of gases and particulate matter in the air each time before the start of the film screening and at the end of the sessions. In the course of scientific work, it turned out that in the air of the cinema, inside of which no one had smoked for decades, it still contained 35 harmful substances, including benzene with formaldehyde. The concentration of substances hazardous to human health sharply increased when people entered the hall and gradually decreased after the film was shown.

18+ movie halls contain more cigarette smoke

It is noteworthy that when showing films with a rating18+, the concentration of substances contained in cigarette smoke was 200% higher than when showing family films. According to scientists, if a non-smoker comes to an “adult” film, he will suffer the same harm from passive (or rather tertiary) smoking, as if someone had smoked a dozen cigarettes in a small room.

Secondhand smoke called inhaling cigarette smoke that is emitted by other people. Also there is a term tertiary smokingin which a person inhales harmful substances in a room or car in which they used to smoke.

Researchers believe that harmful substancesend up in relatively clean rooms, soaking in smokers' clothes. German scientists do not yet know how much cigarette smoke is absorbed and in which materials. They hope that their colleagues from other countries will search for the answer to this question.

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Anyway, nicotine addicted peopleit is important to realize that he endangers not only his own, but also someone else's health. After the study, it turns out that protecting others from cigarette smoke simply by moving aside while smoking does not work. So what is it, after smoking you need to change your clothes? Maybe, but it's better to simply quit smoking.