Huawei presented its own operating system HarmonyOS

US trade and technology confrontation andChina has forced the Chinese company Huawei to accelerate the development of its own software and even create a proprietary universal operating system.

At a traditional conference for developersHuawei, the company announced an operating system on the Linux kernel, allowing the user to provide work on various devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, Internet of things). This ensures high speed, according to the assurance of developers higher than Android, as well as increased security.

HarmonyOS is based ona microkernel that forms modular components around itself, which provides not only a wide range of devices on which the OS can be installed, but also low energy consumption. The popularity of the presented HarmonyOS operating system will be ensured by the fact that it was created on an open source platform.

First of all, the OS will be installed on smart TVs, and a subsidiary of Huawei Honor has already introduced a 55-inch Honor Vision TV running HarmonyOS.

In the future, the operating system will beinstalled on mobile devices such as smartphones. The main advantage of HarmonyOS over Android and iOS will be versatility, allowing you to work with a wide range of high-tech devices.

Source: TheVerge