Honor Vision TV running HarmonyOS (7 photos)

Huawei did not have time to present its operatinga system like Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei, has released the first gadget running HarmonyOS. This is a Honor Vision TV (Ultra HD 4K) with a 55 inch screen.

Honor's new TV has a corner178 ° viewing range with a maximum brightness of 400 nits and supports the HDR10 standard. The TV has thin metal frames, and the useful area of ​​the front panel occupied by the screen is 94%. The thickness of the TV in the thinnest place is only 6.9 mm.

The hardware of Honor Vision runs on a 4-core Honghu 818 processor (2 ARM Cortex A73 cores and 2 ARM Cortex A53 cores) and a graphics chip with 4 600 MHz Mali-G51 GPU cores.

Consumer TVs will be shipped tobase and top - Pro version. The base model of Honor Vision has 4 speakers of 10 watts and 16 GB of memory. The top Pro version has 6 speakers of 10 watts and 32 GB of memory.

TVs are equipped with a periscope camera,similar camera smartphone Honor 9X, which is located at the top of the TV. The camera (1080p), supports face recognition technology, tilts up to 10 ° and appears only when making video calls.

TV can be controlled directly fromthe user's smartphone, which acts as a remote control, and also copies the video signal to its screen. The user can quickly select a video file on a smartphone, and view it on a large TV screen. You can transfer photos, video files, games (1080p with 60fps), as well as broadcast the smartphone’s desktop to the TV screen.

The TV comes with an Magic Link NFC sticker,which is pasted on the Bluetooth remote control and using a smartphone transmitting content to the Honor Vision screen. Voice control is also available. The HiSilicon Hi1103 Wi-Fi chip supports 160 MHz and provides download speeds of up to 1.7 Gb / s. There is support for Bluetooth 5.0.

On sale, the TV will appear on August 15. The base model is priced at $ 538, and the Honor Vision Pro at $ 680.

Source: xda-developers