Filming the process of “flushing” the brain with cerebrospinal fluid

Researchers of the most mysterious humanorgan - the brain come to unexpected conclusions. It turned out that brainwashing is a very real physiological process, which is essential for the normal functioning of the brain. Neuroscientists at Boston University conducted an experiment in which the process of pulsating cerebrospinal fluid in the brain of a sleeping person was photographed.

Previously, brain researchers empiricallyfound that cerebrospinal fluid removes the waste products of the brain. However, confirmation of this theory was obtained after a video was made by Boston scientists.

The experiment was attended by 13 peopleage from 23 to 33 years. The subjects were placed in an MRI scan chamber, where they fell asleep. During sleep, the wave activity of the brain decreases, which leads to a slow phase of sleep, and blood flow in the brain also decreases. It is at this time that harmful wastes and excess proteins are washed out of the brain.

Studies will provide morea detailed study of a variety of neurological and psychological disorders that are associated with sleep disturbance. Also, scientists will have the opportunity to study neurological problems that arise in old age, when the frequency of slow waves decreases.