Google Photo allows you to tag people in the photo yourself

Google has designed and implemented a newa feature in the Google Photo app that enables users to independently mark people's faces. The application algorithms conduct a preliminary analysis of the image, and independently recognizes the faces of people, but the program has its drawbacks and some faces, under certain conditions, the program is not recognized. In this case, a newly introduced function comes to the rescue.

The Google Photo application has an algorithmrequiring that the program itself "realize" that the photo shows a person. Therefore, people who have turned away from the camera, on which the shadow falls or their faces are partially blocked, cannot be recognized by the program. A new function allows you to mark a person yourself, put the necessary label and perform the necessary image editing.

It’s very easy to tag people in a photo,To do this, just drag your finger across the photo and enter the Overflow menu (you can also enter this menu after touching the photo and clicking on the icon with three dots). The pencil icon in the "People" section is selected in the menu. We click on the icon and edit the tags in the required format.

The company has not yet announced the date of the introduction of a new feature in Google Photo.

Source: Engadget