Xiaomi 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed

Xiaomi developers together withChengdu Fun Sleep Technology engineers created an 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed with remote control, multiple operating positions and unique coating.

The main advantage of the bed is itsmultifunctionality allows the owner to fully relax, watch TV and relax after a hard day. The design of the bed provides for the raising of the head, turning it into an impromptu sofa. You can raise the head of the bed by 30 or 60 degrees.

The second bending of the bed surface is donefor raising to a small height of the legs, for proper rest and relaxation. In total, the bed has 5 operating modes. The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed is controlled by either voice or a push-button remote control.

Elements of the bed are made of high strengthfiberglass. To strengthen the design, a frame with five partitions is provided, which allows it to withstand a uniformly distributed load weighing up to 1000 kg. Elements of the bed are covered with 8th-generation Litchi material that mimics the skin, which withstands up to 20 thousand abrasion cycles.

The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed will go on sale on December 3rd. A model with a width of 1.5 meters is estimated at $ 284, and a width of 1.8 meters - $ 312.