German circus replaced the numbers with animals on the show of realistic holograms

Can a circus be interesting to the audience,where there is no separation, where animals stand? German circus "Circus Roncalli" decided to prove that this is quite possible. Instead of the elephants, tigers and other exotic animals that are familiar to circus fans, their holograms are now used here. On the one hand, this is a response to the calls of zoodefenders, on the other - a chance to depart from the usual presentation, adding unusual numbers to it.

A circular screen appeared on the circus arena, usingOptoma's projectors display three-dimensional holograms on it. For the year of work on the project, the program has already become a full-fledged show. The protective barriers necessary when working with predators are removed; there is no need to separate the performances of different animals according to their compatibility-incompatibility, which is due to the rules established by nature.

For virtual horses do not need stables, theyrun out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere; The hologram of an elephant, an already very large animal, is enlarged and extremely detailed, so that the viewer is simply amazed, delighted with this acquaintance. By the way, an elephant can do a stand on its hind legs, shielding itself all visible space. None of the protruding animals are capricious, do not make mistakes and do not interfere with each other.