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In which countries is Valentine's Day strictly prohibited?

Valentine's Day is a holiday thatrooted in Catholicism, but for many years it has been celebrated in many countries as an absolutely secular, called Valentine's Day. Contrary to popular belief, he is not alien to Russia at all. In pre-revolutionary times, February 14 was one of the most beloved holidays of the nobles. In the USSR, they forgot about him, but from the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century, young people fell in love with him again, which is not surprising. It has such romantic symbols as heart-shaped cards, flowers, all kinds of rose souvenirs and, of course, kisses. It would seem that they can be bad? However, in some parts of the world, celebrating Valentine's Day is strictly prohibited by law. Couples who congratulate each other on February 14 even run the risk of being arrested. According to the leadership of some countries, the holiday is fraught with danger, as it spreads and promotes Western culture. True, in recent years there have been fewer and fewer such countries, however, it is still not possible to give flowers and valentines everywhere.

In some countries, celebrating Valentine's Day is prohibited by law.


  • 1 In Pakistan, Valentine's Day is banned by the country's highest court
  • 2 Malaysia's Valentine's Day 'contradicts Islam'
  • 3 In Iran, celebrating February 14 is a “sign of immorality”
  • 4 In India, nationalists are fighting on Valentine's Day
  • 5 In Saudi Arabia, Valentine's Day Has Been Allowed Recently

In Pakistan, Valentine's Day is banned by the country's highest court

In Pakistan, the holiday has become a real applediscord. In 2016, then-President Mamnoon Hussain urged Pakistanis to avoid Valentine's Day. He told the students that the holiday "has nothing to do with our culture." These remarks were subsequently interpreted as a sign of support for the Islamic hardliners in the country. This prompted a 2017 ban on Valentine's Day by the country's highest court.

Pakistan banned Valentine's Day since 2017

The country also issued a decree requiringremoval of all evidence of this holiday from public places, as well as the prohibition of goods that are somehow connected with it. Of course, all media are forbidden to mention this holiday.

But despite strict police supervision,Passionate Pakistanis find ways to purchase flowers and give their loved ones symbolic holiday gifts. However, this has to be done in secret, without falling into the eyes of the police.

Malaysia's Valentine's Day 'contradicts Islam'

The Malaysian authorities have also made every effort toend the holiday. In 2005, the National Council, which interprets Islamic law and issues decrees, declared Valentine's Day to be un-Islamic because it has "elements of Christianity." Although Christian groups urged the council to reconsider, arguing that there was little in common between modern Valentine's Day and Christianity, the ban persisted.

It's hard to believe that in this modern city, lovers can get arrested for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Over time, the situation only worsened.The country began mass arrests of couples suspected of celebrating the holiday. For example, in 2011, the authorities were looking for couples who celebrated Valentine's Day in inexpensive hotels and parks. Since then, the holiday has been banned.

In Iran, celebrating February 14 is a 'sign of immorality'

Iranian religious authorities have appealed tothe public for help in prosecuting those who celebrate the holiday in defiance of strict religious laws. The government banned the symbols of the day long ago, warning that they were “anti-cultural”. And Valentine's Day itself is condemned and recognized as a symbol of immorality and Western decadence.

However, among young people the holiday has become sopopular that some Islamic supporters have proposed instead to celebrate the ancient Iranian holiday of Sepandarmazgan, known as the Persian day of love in honor of Spandarmad, a Zoroastrian deity. Spandarmada personifies a loving wife. However, Sepandarmazgan falls on February 23rd, so many Iranians still tend to congratulate their soulmates on February 14th.

In India, couples can be forced to marry for celebrating Valentine's Day

In India, nationalists fight on Valentine's Day

In India, the holiday is not prohibited on the publiclevel, but extremist Hindu nationalists have protested and threatened those celebrating. There have even been cases of attacks on young couples. They had their hair cut or their faces dirty.

Also a massive campaign against Saint's DayValentina has been deployed on social media. In 2015, a far-right Hindu political party threatened to force marriage on couples who celebrate a Western holiday.

Saudi Arabia recently allowed the sale of Valentine's Day merchandise

In Saudi Arabia, Valentine's Day has recently been allowed

For many years February 14th was a commonduring the day, since Valentine's Day, according to the authorities, was contrary to Islamic ideas about the rules of morality and decency. Although some people still exchanged gifts and flowers. However, the National Religious Police ensured that this did not happen. Violators could be arrested. Of course, merchants were forbidden to sell themed goods.

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The situation changed about five years ago.Then the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, deprived the National Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice from many of its powers. Since then, the people of Saudi Arabia have openly welcomed the holiday, and prices for flowers and gifts with hearts, which have long been sold under the counter, have plummeted.

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