Two in one: Travelock 2 - a luggage lock with a fingerprint scanner (4 photos + video)

So that your journey is not overshadowed by theftthings, try to use the new - luggage lock with a fingerprint scanner. After all, you must have heard how miniature combination locks that are customary for luggage cases, which hold two sliders on a suitcase, are unreliable, especially since there is a possibility of losing the keys.

But the locks with a fingerprint scanner,such as Travelock 2, may well serve you well and not only protect things from theft, but also save you from unnecessary care to constantly think about not losing the key to it.

The fact is that the Travelock 2 lock opensautomatically when you touch your finger on a special sensor. The fingerprint of your finger is recognized in 0.5 seconds, it can be attached from any side - and the coupling steel cable will come off automatically. In the memory base of the device, you can save 10 prints, especially for loved ones, whom you can entrust access to your things.

For emergency cases, a spareOption: it is possible to open the lock with a universal TSA-key, which provides only customs and airport security personnel. This method of opening is provided for inspecting things without your participation, as is the case with the Redmi suitcase.

Mechanical or physical effects onTravelock 2 will not give any result. Its body is made of durable zinc alloy, and the hitch is made of acid-resistant steel wire AISI 304.

The lock is made according to the IP65 standard, which assumes protection from dust and moisture, it can be used both in the rain and in the cold - the fingerprint scanner works in these cases without fail.

If you want to use the lock not only intravel time, and find it used in everyday life, you can count on 5,000 unlocks. The lock is powered by a battery, which can be powered via USB from any power bank.

Travelock 2 weighs only 100 grams. Steel cable length - 13 cm.

The price of the device is $ 49 (≈3,200 rubles), while buying two copies will cost $ 89 (≈5,800 rubles). You can choose the color: the products are made in dark and light versions.