Facebook again did not protect the data of 540 million users (3 photos)

Recently, Facebook has been pursued by a series of scandals involving unfair treatment of customers' personal and identification data. And here again.

Another trouble was provokedthird-party company Cultura Colectiva from Mexico, developing for the social network the At the pool application. According to experts from the company UpGuard, specializing in cyber security, a database leak of 146 GB was detected, which was stored on Amazon S3 cloud servers in the public domain. The data belonging to Cultura Colectiva contained information with names, passwords, email addresses, comments related to 540 million user data records from the At the pool database.

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Experts believe that the information in the databasebelong to the already inactive application “At the pool” and are not directly related to the user accounts of Facebook. Nevertheless, experts say that many careless users like to use the same passwords in different services, social networks, websites, and so on. Thus, it is possible that some Facebook accounts are at risk.

After reporting to Amazon about availability in openAccess confidential information database has been closed. However, it is not known whether the attackers were able to take advantage of the incompetence of the Cultura Colectiva employees who published the client data to the public.