Russian drones armed with a shotgun (2 pics + 2 videos)

Engineers from the military-industrial complex everythingmore attention is paid to the development of drones, which will be able to come into confrontation with similar unmanned vehicles, but violators. The other day there was information that the Almaz-Antey concern registered a patent for a drone equipped with a carbine made in the Russian concern Kalashnikov.

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Developers from Moscow AviationThe institute presented a video of an experimental flight of a drone carrying a Vepr-12 semi-automatic shotgun. For safety reasons, the device takes off with a carbine barrel pointing vertically upwards. Demonstrated the process of shooting at a fixed target and another drone.

Both targets successfully hit. Interestingly, when shooting on the flight trajectory, the recoil from the shot had no effect, the drone continued to fly at the original course. The unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with a battery for a 40-minute flight. After landing, the wings of the drone can be easily dismantled and the weapon can be used on the ground for its intended purpose.